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Waterproof Shower Cap Reusable Bath Caps (SGEGS ID: 20650)



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SKU: 6042_s_shower_cap


Floral Printed Waterproof Reusable Bathroom Shower caps
Shower-cap made from good quality material. It is suitable for use at home, salons, spas, beauty parlors and many more places like these. This shower cap is free size and can be used by both adults as well as children.
Protect Hair From WaterA shower cap is a hat worn while showering or bathing to protect hair from becoming wet. Alternatively, shower caps for children can be crowns with wide brims that prevent water and shampoo from getting in the eyes while allowing the hair to be washed.
Uses For Shower CapsKeep a few shower caps right by the front door, in case of muddy emergencies. The elastic makes them act as great booties to slip over your shoes.For trips that require a change of clothes, put your shoes inside a shower cap before placing them in your suitcase. This will keep the shoes from dirtying any of your other clothes.Conversely, secure the cap over your spring seedlings, which will trap warmth and moisture and create a little greenhouse. Perfect for getting those plants off to a great start!
Features The Product apply you to take a shower, make up or hair dressing. Convenient for you to carry and use Be ready in your daily life or travelling Soft and durable. Ideal to protect your hair when showering or spray tanning. Shower Cap is an easy and convenient way of keeping your hair dry whilst bathing or taking a shower. It can keep your hair dry in style while you shower. Small volume and easy to carry. This shower cap has a good elasticity. Different Design and Color Would Be Dispatched

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