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Washing Machine Scalegon Powder for Machine Tub Cleaner (100 gm) (SGEGS ID: 9983)


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SKU: 1356_scalegone_powder_100gm


Descaling Powder for Washing Machines with Fragrance – 100 gm
WASHING MACHINE Descaling Powder is capable of removing the unwanted scales from your washing machine in order to give it more life. Descaling Powder also helps you to keep your clothes clean and results in reduction of electric bills. It helps Keeping your washing machine as good as new from the inside! Simply run a dummy cycle with Scalegone added to water and Descaling Powder will remove any scale that may have formed, improving performance and leaving a nice fresh fragrance as well!
How it works
One packet of Descaling Powder added to the water for a dummy cycle run, this helps remove any scales that might have formed. There is a subtle fragrance after a dummy cycle with Descaling Powder is run Should be once a month

Washing Machine
For Your Front Loading Washing Machine, Empty The Full Packet In The Main Wash Chamber Of DD Tray In Case Of Top Loading Washing Machine. Empty The Full Packet In The Wash Tub After Taking In Water And Before The Strat Wash Cycle, Without Clothes. Run The Machine Til Finish. Switch Off The Machine, Clean And Refit The Fluff Filter, For Normal Washing Of The Clothes On The Same Day, Use The Machine After 30 Minutes.
Dish Washing
Put 4 Spoon Full Of Cleaner In The Powder Dispenser Of Your Dish Washer ; Run The Machine Without Any Dish. For Normal Washing Of Dishes On The Same Day, Use The Machine After 30 Mins.

Benefits of Regular use of Descaling Powder
Reduces hard water scales.
Heating efficiency of heaters improves and the scaling of it gets reduced. Reduction in power usage, heating time and increased savings. It helps in creasing the service life of the applications.

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Weight 30 g

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