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Silicone Bubble Bath SPA Super Soft Body Scrubbing Brush (SGEGS ID: 10050)



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After finishing a full day’s work and returning home, a hot bath is nothing more comfortable.And our soft body brush will effectively help you clean the skin and let the skin experience the breathing feeling.
Super Soft Silicone Bath Brush Double-Sided Body Scrubber Brush for Deep Cleasing Exfoliating (Assorted Color)
High-quality MaterialsBath body brush shower scrubber for body is made of food-grade silicone and high-quality wood pulp cotton, safe and environmentally friendly. soft wood pulp cotton core is tear-resistant, easy to dry, and can easily produce delicate and rich foam, remove makeup, dead skin cells, dirt, and more with ease!
2 in 1 Function DesignDouble-side design with different Scrubbing texture pads: one is good exfoliating texture without being too rough while the other side is soft for promoting blood circulation and massage. The design of the lanyard can be easily hung and stored, clean and hygienic.
Skin CleansingMore than 1000 pieces of super soft silicone bristles, uneven texture design in the other side effectively remove the dirt and unnecessary grease, great for thorough body cleaning and keep skin smooth and glowing, use on your whole bodyface, back, thighs, butt, chest, feet, etc.
Silicone bath body brushBath brush shower body scrubber is more effective than using your hand, a washcloth, or a bristle brush to cleanse your skin. silicone is a soft and safe material that can help exfoliate your skin and can reduce cellulite in problem areas, It also improves vascular blood circulation, helps evenly distribute fat deposits, and helps your skin release metabolic waste and toxins.pink and blue, suitable for adults and children .
Wide range of applicationBath body brushes combines three functions of bathing, exfoliating and massage, suitable for men, women and kids. soft wood pulp cotton core not only can you bathe your baby, but you can also clean your face. The innovative design of wood pulp cotton makes summer bathing more fun!

Instructions for use of bath brush
1.Wet the brush head with water2.Apply the right amount of shower gel3.Use hands to make foam gently4.Scrub all parts of the body5.Clean the brush and hang up to dry

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