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Window Cleaner Double-Side Glazed Two Sided Glass Cleaner

Available on 20th December 2022

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SKU: 4756_magnetic_window_cleaner


Double-Sided Glass Cleaner Wiper, Magnetic Window Cleaner
New High Quality magnetic technology which Clean both the inside and outside of your windows at the same time. Glides along the glass to result a dry, streak free and gleaming window.Very Safe and Easy to use, No more dangerous leaning out of upstairs windows or place high and dangerous to reach.A safety cord/lanyard is Attached to prevent accidental dropping.
Various Use- Windows- tanks-Skylights-Patio doors-Bedroom Windows-Mirror and tiles-shower screens-Super Strong Magnet-The strong internal magnets lock the two sides of the Wizard through the glass.

Super Strong MagnetThe strong internal magnets lock the two sides of the Wizard through the glass.Double-sided design, strong magnetic, it is very safe and convenient.
Safety RopeIt comes with a safety cord/lanyard to prevent accidental dropping.Long safe rope, easy to slide on glass from this side to another side.The safety rope is connected to the external brush to prevent falling.
Rubber WiperMagnet glass cleaner has 2 rubber wiper for easy wiping.Easily cleans windows that high and dangerous to touch the glass.
Other Fethures-Easy to clean. It cleans the outside of your windows, while staying in your room. Strong absorption force.-Effective for single glazed windows with 3-8mm thickness.-High quality plastic material, practical, solid, anti-drop and durable.-The triangular design can easily wipe the corners.-The distribution of magnetic design is easy to scrub.

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