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Jet Water Cannon 8 in 1 Turbo Water Spray Gun (SGEGS ID: 19592)



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SKU: 1635_ez_jet_water_cannon


Gardening/Washing Multi-Function 8 in 1 Turbo Water Spray Gun, Home Cleaning Spray with Built-in Soap Dispenser
Washing away dirt from your car or house will not be an task anymore with Speedwav EZ Car 8 in1 Multifunctional Pressure Washing Water Spray Jet Cannon which will help you deeply remove dirt from any part of the car or house.
It has 8 different spray features which not only helps you clean areas with high water pressure but will also help you spray water on plants with wise spray angle Its built in soap dispenser helps you clean your car, bike, house floor etc easily with soap spray and on the same time you can remove the soap sprayed from them with just swtiching the controller to middle only water rinse mode
Easy to use Handle to turns unit on and off Light weighted portable gun for easy storeage 8 way adjustable spray nozzle adjusts from pencil point to fan spray pattern and more Integrated shampoo mixer switch which also give you freedom to wash any area with soap or shampoo and then remove it without shampoo 8 different spray modes.
Multiple UsesPerfect for washing gutters, windows, house exteriors, cars, boats, sidewalks, steps, and sliding doors. Just attach to your hose with it

8 Function Spray
Jet Spray: for removing dirt from vehicle or any areaPrecision, Jet: Clean for removing accumulated dirt Angle,Mist Spray: for watering plants,Rain spray: to watering garden with large area,Angled Fan Spray: for precise clean on areas which are hard to clean,Horizontal Fan spray: for pressure car/bike or house floor cleaning,Vertical spray: so that removing dirt from the windows can become easy for you,Soaker spray: for casual and easy house cleaning.

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