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Derma Roller Anti Ageing and Facial Scrubs & Polishes Scar Removal Hair Regrowth


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Derma Roller Anti Ageing and Facial Scrubs ; Polishes Scar Removal Hair Regrowth
Derma roller is a home use derma rolling device which helps in improving the absorption of applied skin care products, triggering new collagen synthesis in skin and removing acne scars, surgical or burn scars, very deep wrinkles and stretch marks. Derma roller has very fine medical titanium needles.
Helps get rid of acne and stretch marks
Improves skin pigmentation
Reduces ageing of skin
Helps in skin tightening

Reduces Stretch Marks
The derma roller works to remove stretch marks very effectively. By increasing the blood flow and gently massaging the skin it helps to reduce the stretch marks.

How to Use 1.5 mm Derma Roller
Soak the derma-roller in a disinfectant for 15 minutes.
Take the makeup off your face and neck.
Wash your face and neck with antibacterial lotion and pat dry.
Start rolling over the desired area horizontally and move around the area 4-5 times. Repeat the same movement 4-5 times vertically and diagonally. Do not press hard just slide.
Immerse it for 5 minutes in a disinfectant after each use.
Leave it in a clean open place to dry.
Gently place it into the box making sure you do not harm the needles. Please be sure the tool is dry before putting it back in the box.
For best result, apply fat solution of vitamin c, collagen or hyaluronic acid cream, essential oil or your preferred facial cosmetics.

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