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COVID Non Touch Multipurpose Safety Key


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Hands-Free Contactless Covid Safety Key Chain Door Opener Tool
Never touch contaminated surfaces again – with our ergonomic tool that you can conveniently carry on your daily commute. Pull doors, press pin pads, open and close bathroom stalls, push shopping carts, turn on light switches, carry groceries, and more! This is the solution for door handles of public toilets and buildings, here are many bacteria and viruses. Often colds or other virus are transferred with the contact over the doorknob. With this door opener, which you can carry in your pocket, this can definitely be avoided. Built-in Key-ring which can be put on a bunch of Keys. Stay safe and protect yourself and your Family from viruses.

Avoid Cross-Contamination – Use the SAFE-KEY to avoid contact with potentially contaminated surfaces. This Stainless Steel door opener and stylus provide you with a safer way to utilise public touchscreens, open doors, and push-buttons.
Easy To Carry – Safe Touch key Easily fits into your pocket, hence can carry anywhere.
Premium Quality – Our Safety Key is made with High Quality Plastic Material. Hence can lift upto 20 kg of weight.
Application – Our No touch Key is used for No Touch Contactless application to Pull doors, press pin pads, open and close bathroom stalls, push shopping carts, turn on light switches, carry groceries etc.
Washable – These Product can be washed or sanitized and be reused multiple times for long time
Keyhole – Keyhole provided for Keychain in order to carry.

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